1 October 2014  
Annual Report 2012

Rambler's Top100


The 4th Saburov Readings to be held in February 2013  
Publication of the results of the monitoring of the information transparency of authorities and organizations implementing public (municipal) functions and (or) providing public (municipal) services in the process of execution of housing construction projects
Economic estimate of the impact of existing town planning regulations within the Rules for Land Use and Development of the municipality the city of Noyabrsk on the attractiveness of investment-construction projects, including the projects on renovation of the crumbling and low-quality housing on the territory of the city of Noyabrsk    
IUE experts completed the implementation of the 1st stage of the GOLD project - Global Observatory of Local Democracy
Irina Gentsler made a report at the All-Russia conference on Education in Housing and Public Control in the Housing and Utility Sector
IUE experts conducted a workshop for experts from the State Housing Inspection of the city of Moscow
IUE took part in the international conference on interaction between local governments and civil society 
Seminar Efficient Social Activity: From Estrangement Toward Solidarity   
Alexander Puzanov presided as a moderator at the session of urban administrators held within the framework of the IBM Business Forum 
IUE experts conducted a workshop in the city of Ufa  
Discussion Club "Capital Repairs of Apartment Buildings: What Novelties Consumers May Expect? held on IUE premises 
A Certificate of Award to the winner of the finals of the 1st International Competition for Urban Innovations (in Guangzhou, China) was given to the town planning documentation of the city of Perm, in the development of which IUE made a major contribution
Sergei Sivaed took part in the RBC TV program on capital repairs issues  
Alexander Puzanov  presided as a moderator at the panel discussion Smart Cities City Management in Hightech-Cities
German Vetrov participated in the conference Cherepovets Development Territory
German Vetrov took part in the round table discussion How Russian One-Company Cities Can be Modernized?  
Tatyana Polidi Delivered a Scientific Report at the Conference Eurasia Business and Economic Society - 2012

New Publications

Technologies for Reforming the System of Public (Municipal) Service Provision
Administrative Barriers to Investment-Construction Projects Implementation
City Almanac. Issue #5
Model of Public Participation in Strategic Planning Process

Selected Recent Reports
Expert findings on the Draft Resolution by the Government of the Russian Federation on splitting up utility fees
IUE has drawn up expert findings on the provisions of Draft Federal Law #  534829-5, On Basics of Health Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation, regulating redistribution of public property
The Housing Market in Russia. Lessons of the Mortgage Crisis
The Model of Municipal Governance Standard-Cost Financing of Municipal Services (Works) Delivered (Carried Out) by Municipal Budget-Supported and Autonomous Institutions
Financial Grounds of Local Self-Governance: The Outcomes of the 2000s
The typology of Russian Federations regions reflecting current trends in regional real estate markets, mortgage lending, new construction activity and housing affordability

Comments to the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation With Regard to the Institute of Land Use Planning

The Fund The Institute for Urban Economics conducted technical legal analysis of changes in the Rules on Registration and De-Registration of Citizens of the Russian Federation at the Place of Sojourn and Residence Within the Borders of the Russian Federation, which changes were approved by the RF Government Resolution #885, dated November 11, 2010.
Proposals on Enhancement of the System of Public and Municipal Services Delivery
Development of the real estate rights system in Russia in 1989-2009
Social elements in the russian housing system new versus old social rental sector

Guidelines on Development of Urban Development Regulation System at Regional and Local Levels

"Why Does City Need Marketing"/Article by D.Vizgalov/Vedomosti newspaper

Poverty Reduction, State Management and System of Providing Public Services

School to Work Transition and Youth Inclusion in Southern Russia: an Institutional Analysis
Effective models and instruments of municipal administration
Role of  Non-Profit Sector in Economic  Development of  Russia

Housing Market in Russia: Current and Perspective View

Municipal Governance in Modern Russia
Indicative Survey of Water and Sewage Utilities
Practice of Reforms in the Housing and Communal Service Sector
Overview of Legislation on Housing and Utility Sector in Russian Federation
Review of the Municipal Finance Development in Russia in 1992 - 2002
Participation in a Decentralized Housing Allowance Program in a Transition Economy
Cities in a Globalizing World. Global Report on Human Settlements 2001, prepared by United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat).
URBAN RUSSIA AT THE CROSSROADS. Russian cities in the XXI century: Development scenarios

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