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IUE’s project “Contract for multi-unit residential building management: Do it yourself!” won the support at the Competition for Presidential Grants for Civil Society Development

Дата публикации: 05.11.2018

News feeds are full of briefs highlighting conflicts between the owners of dwelling units in multi-unit residential buildings and managing organizations. The owners do not agree with the list and cost of works and services, with increased fees under contracts for multi-unit residential building management, with the quality of work carried out by managing companies and contractors. The infringement of the owners’ rights often occurs at the time of the conclusion of the contract, the text of which the managing organization had ‘tailored’ to meet its own needs. However, the buildings’ council and the owners lack adequate skills to get engaged in a comprehensive dialogue, on equal terms, in order to advocate their interests.

According to Federal Service for State Statistics, 85 percent of all the apartments in multi-unit residential buildings are in private ownership, and 67.2 percent of all the buildings are managed by managing organizations. The problems related to development and conclusion of a contract for management of a multi-unit residential building, hence, affect the interests of the overwhelming majority of residents who live in multi-unit buildings in Russia. Growing public awareness and more active participation of the owners of dwelling units in multi-unit residential buildings in social affairs, in recent years, increased the demand for model contracts for multi-unit residential buildings management on the part of proactive owners and their associations.

IUE seeks to create a comprehensive practical tool to be used by proactive housing owners of dwelling units in any building under any current conditions, rather than a ‘dead’ product left on paper and disseminated by way of reprinting.