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For international community

  • National and comparative cross-national research in the fields of urban development, local government, reforms in housing and utility sectors in countries with economies in transition. 
  • Assistance to public authorities and local governments of transition economies and international development agencies in the improvement of legal regulation of housing and utility sectors, the implementation of projects on increase of efficiency of functioning of municipal economy.

For state authorities and local governments

  • Development and expertise of draft regulatory acts in the field of housing policy, development of housing and municipal economy, town-planning and land-use issues, municipal socio-economic development. 
  • Development and evaluation of federal, regional and municipal policies, strategies, programs on the socioeconomic development of cities and regions, local selfgovernment issues, housing construction development, housing and real estate market, housing and utilities sector. 
  • Development and support for implementation of regional and municipal investment strategies and target programs to attract investments, investment declarations, marketing programs of territories. 
  • Assistance in optimizing the management of social and economic development through the implementation of efficient procedures and technologies. 
  • Introduction of public-private partnership mechanisms in the utilities sector, developing tender documents and draft concession agreements, energy service contracts for attracting business to solve problems enhancing the efficiency of the public sector. 
  • Development of methodological and regulatory documents that form the basis for energy saving in apartment buildings.

For business community

  • Assessment of the regional or local socio-economic situation and the investment potential of the territories belonging to the sphere of interests of the companies.
  • Determination of the cities and regions of Russia, the most promising for the implementation of development projects, risk assessment, implementation of the projects, preparation of proposals on the procedures of interaction of developers with local governments and state authorities.
  • Development of methodological framework for the assessment of risks of development projects in order to provide bank financing of the projects.
  • Advice on housing and commercial real estate construction finance models/
  • Consultation on the development of new forms of housing provision, including the construction of rental housing buildings.
  • Formalization of the relationship of developers with utility companies, preparation of required regulatory documents and draft contracts.
  • Structuring investment projects on the construction of utilities and public infrastructure through the use of public-private partnership instruments.
  • Development investment programs and tariff applications for utility companies • Development of contracts for supply of resources, management of apartment buildings with elements of the energy service.

For non-profit, societal, scientific and educational organizations

  • Research on the issues of socio-economic development of territories.
  • Training courses and seminars on the management of local socio-economic development, apartment building management, the organization and conduct of public hearings.
  • Information support on major issues of reforms in housing and utility sectors of the economy, development of urban planning.
  • Assistance to homeowners in organizing the apartment building management, implementation of energy efficient modernization of apartment buildings.

The IUE Endowment was established in 2013. Formation of the IUE special-purpose capital became a landmark event for us. It has been used for to finance our research programs, as well as activities related to designing analytical, methodological and legal support components required for implementation of new mechanisms in the housing, utility, town planning and other areas.

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In 2015 the IUE staff conducted expert support of activities of the Presidential Council on Housing Policy and Improving Housing Affordability, preparation of analytical reports and expert notes, draft legislation in the area of housing policy, housing and utility sector development, complex development of territories of Russian cities, local governance issues.

Grantors and donors (1995-2015)

Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML)
CharitiesAid Foundation, СAF/Russia
Committee for public relations of the city of Moscow
Eurasia Foundation
Foundation for Russian-American Economic Cooperation, Seattle, USA
Ford Foundation
International Research & Exchanges Board, IREX
Liberal mission Foundation
Moscow public science Foundation
Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
Noncommercial foundation — Institute of socio-economic and political researches, ISEPR Foundation
NORC company
Open Society Institute, OSI
Public organization «Institute of for Civil Society Problems»
Sberbank of Russia
Standard and Poor's InternationalServices, Inc.
State Corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)" 
The New Eurasia Foundation
The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) 
United States Agency for International Development, USAID / Central Asian Republics
United States Agency for International Development, USAID/Russia
United States Environmental Protection Agency, EPA

We highly appreciate the support provided to IUE by all our colleagues and friends and value very much their loyalty and dedication!