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Tatyana Polidi, Executive Director (IUE) made presentations at two panel discussions at the Moscow Urban Forum (MUF) 2018

The Moscow Urban Forum 2018 dedicated to development of megacities and metropolitan areas amid global transformations took place on July 17-22.

On the first day of MUF 2018, Tatyana Polidi, Executive Director (IUE) spoke about economic aspects of redevelopment at a session “Redevelopment and Environment: How Major Redevelopment Projects Influence Cities?”. On July 18, with the support of DOM.RF, a round table session on “Housing for People: Development of Cities” was held. At the event Tatyana Polidi made a presentation “Housing and Urban Environment as Urban Economics Assets”. 

Video in english: MUF2018 / Renovation and Environment. How Major Redevelopments Influence on Cities?
Video in english: MUF2018/ Housing for People - Development of Cities