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Center for Public Relations

The Fund Institute for Urban Economics provides information and publishing activities within the framework of the Center for Public Relations.

One of the main tasks of the Center is to inform the population and public bodies of changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation, affecting significant aspects of life concerning the society and economics in order to create conditions for comfortable urban environment.

In 2017, we enhanced the dissemination of our research results through our website and other online resources, covering about 100 thousand people of the target audience. Also we increased the number of publications in the mass media to 500. The number of Facebook subscribers exceeded 1500. More than 42000 web-site IUE visitors. IUE Video channel: 17 video, 6000 views since 2014.

IUE E-Publications. In 2017, we started disseminating our analytical products through IUE online resources. In particular, a series of publications of the basic economic development indicators of Russian cities and metropolitan areas under the general title ‘The Economy of Russian Cities and Metropolitan Areas’ has been launched, the two issues have already been prepared: Issue #1: Do metropolitan assets work towards the development of cities? Issue #2: The club of capital cities.

Mobile version of is available (since April 2018).




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  • Territorial differentiation and decentralization of the housing policy
  • Formation of institutions of long-term tenancy and housing cooperatives
  • Redevelopment and landscaping of built-up areas
  • Development of competition in housing construction
  • Improving the quality of multi-apartment buildings management

The library of The Institute for Urban Economics is named after the first Chairman of the Fund’s Board of Trustees Evgeny Fyodorovich Saburov. The Library Fund of the Institute includes more than 7,200 scientific publications, including the areas: local self-government, urban studies, housing policy and funding, social policies. The authors of the publications are the experts of The Institute for Urban Economics. There are also held active research and publishing activities with the PI "Higher School of Economics."

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