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Economic Urbanization

A monograph on “Economic Urbanization”, written by IUE’s experts as part of their scientific activity in NRU HSE, has been published.  The monograph deals with a highly relevant subject in today’s Russia - development of cities. The subject, however, is of importance not only for Russia. In this historic period the role of cities in regional, national, and even global economic development... more

Real estate expropriation in Russia. Statutory regulation and enforcement

The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Issues in Expropriation reviews the contemporary major issues involving expropriation (eminent domain/compulsory purchase) in an international context. Expropriation is a right reserved to all governments, and, thus, it has an impact on all societies. This book, the first of its kind, considers the essential issues from the point of view of both... more

Assessment of gross urban product in Russian cities and its contribution to Russian GDP in 2000–2015

The article presents a new methodology for estimating gross urban product (the gross domestic product by city or metropolitan level) in Russia under extremely low statistical data availability about economy performance at the local level. These estimates provide new analytical instruments for assessing disparities in economic development between more than 1,000 Russian cities and other areas, and... more

A study on the consistency between housing and urban planning policies

Russian cities have been substantially influenced by the legacy of the Soviet centrally planned economy. Monotonous concrete-slab developments in residential areas with inadequate access to social infrastructure, along with dilapidated and obsolete individual residential developments, and abandoned industrial areas, create a typical scene of the middle zone of an urban... more

Urban poverty in Russia and social assistance to the urban poor

In 2003, 62.7% of Russia's population lived in urban areas. That high level of urbanization has an ambiguous effect on citizens' welfare during periods of economic transfor mation, and, unlike in other Eastern European countries, urban poverty in Russia is no less problematic than rural poverty. Thus, according to data from the 10th round of the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS... more

The effectiveness of local government active labor programs: the case of benefits-to-wages program in Russia

Economists have devoted considerable attention to analyzing labor markets in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Topics of interest have included labor mobility, shifts in the returns to education resulting from the rationalization of the labor market during the restructuring, the efficiency of labor markets in reemploying workers unemployed in the process of economic restructuring, and the success... more

Savings from integrating administrative systems for local assistance programmes in Russia

Local governments in Russia now have primary responsibility for the administration of social assistance programmes thanks to a combination of decentralization of some responsibilities from higher levels of government and the transfer of certain administrative functions from state enterprises to municipalities. Decentralization has been much greater for programme administration and service... more